RESILIENCE can be developed, needs to be maintained. We need to remind ourselves of the power we have inside, our strengths, our friends/family and network. All of these can help us overcome any adversity we may be facing.

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"Ten ways to be RESILIENT!"

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Start your day with a Positive Quote

Affirmations refer to carefully drafted statements that resonate personally with yourself and cultivate an attitude of positivity and self-empowerment. “If you think positive, you attract positive”

We all have limiting beliefs that prevent us from doing more than we think we can. We can change how we think.

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Learn how Mindfulness meditation can help to Focus and be present in the moment.

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Walking Meditation

A frequently asked question is can you walk and meditate? Meditation does not have to be only in a formal sitting posture.

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Guided Meditations

Listen and follow our guided meditations

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Yoga Stretching

Watch our videos on Yoga, Qi Gong and stretches