AFFIRMATION: I breathe and let go

What are you holding on to that’s not needed? Are you , relaxed and breathing deeper right now?

AFFIRM IT if you agree, and REPEAT this affirmation daily, during the day, that you are and let go _____! fill with what comes to mind that’s not needed and you are ready to move on from.

Ask yourself am I starting my day with the right attitude? If not Think positive thoughts, read something positive & repeat this affirmation any time you feel tension, stress, anxiety. Think of any past memory or event that is still bothering you. Is it needed, can you let it go right now? 

Combine this affirmation with the Mindfulness attitudinal foundation of “Letting go and Letting be!”

I breathe and let go!


We all have limiting beliefs that prevent us from doing more than we think we can. 

We all go through tough times in our lives and often due to things that have happened in past, feel we are not capable, worthy or we can’t. 

We strongly believe that repeating an affirmation can change the way we think of our self and of others. And if that thought happens to be a positive one, then it can do wonders for those who read it and apply it. 

Studies shows that Positive Affirmations are a powerful way to improve our mindset on a daily basis. How we start our mornings, sets our entire day. We must start our day with gratitude, love and care of each other.  

We hope to help you rewrite your day into a positive one with a Daily Affirmation. 

AFFIRM IT if you agree, and REPEAT this affirmation daily, during the day, every day that “I breathe and let go!”


I breathe & leg go

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