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The trees are showing us how beautiful, letting go can be

What are you holding on to that’s not needed? The trees are showing us how beautiful letting go can be. Lets apply this quote with Mindfulness meditation’s fifth attitudinal foundation of Letting Go. 


  • We can cultivate Not-Clinging, Not-Holding, Not-Forcing or Pushing away.
  • Rather we can and let things be.
  • With practicing & observing breathing at end of each breath we let go so that next breath can come in.
  • We create room for next breath by not holding on to the last breath.

1. REFLECT:  on are you holding on to from past, do any thoughts come about regrets or things you can not change now? What bothers or worries you about future?

2. RESPOND: how you can let go of what happened, what could happen; Breathe & be in the present moment. 

3. INTEGRATE: Any time in future, you negative thoughts come and bother you about something that happened in past or you worry about what may happen in future: Pause, Breathe and come to the present moment.


AFFIRM IT if you agree, and REPEAT this affirmation daily, during the day, every day:

AFFIRMATION: I breathe and let go

AFFIRMATION: I let go and trust that all is happening perfectly


I invite you to learn about Mindfulness meditation as a way to connect to your heart. 

Mindfulness is having a moment to moment awareness without any judgements. walking can be another way to cultivate and practicing to be aware and be present in this moment. 


The trees are showing us how beautiful letting go can be.

Jas Singh


About the Author of Quote: Jas Singh

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The trees are showing us how beautiful letting go can be
The trees are showing us how beautiful letting go can be
I breathe & leg go
I let go & trust that all is happening perfectly & I am thankful

Post Author:  Jas. Singh. I have often found myself searching for positive quotes for myself, for my daughters. I have made it my goal to publish daily posts with Positive, Inspiring quotes that are encouraging for us to learn from and apply into our daily lives.

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Consider Mindfulness meditation as a way to help calm down and reflect on the message.

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