Happy Vaisakhi” 

Vaisakhi also pronounced as Baisakhi started as a harvest festival in the Punjabi region of northern India. 

It also celebrates the creation of the Khalsa order. It promotes justice and equality and the creation of a more equal and just society.  


Guru Gobind Singh Ji Quotes

Guru Gobind Singh Ji (1 April 1621 – 19 December 1675) was the tenth guru of Sikhs. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was also a scholar, writer and a poet, well-versed in many languages: Sanskrit, Persian, Punjabi, Arabic, Awadhi and Braj Bhasha.

His father was Guru Teg Bahadur who was beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was nine years old when he had to overtake the leadership. The tenth Guru is predominantly known for founding the Khalsa and instituting the five articles of the Sikh faith: kesh (hair), kacchera (a specific type of undergarment), kangha(comb), kada (iron bracelet) and kirpan (small sword).

Guru Gobind Singh Ji also gave Khalsa – the warrior community a new surname, Singh. After the first five Khalsa had been baptized, the Guru asked the five to baptize him as a Khalsa. He then was the sixth Khalsa and changed his name from Guru Gobind Rai to Guru Gobind Singh. He later declared the Holy Scriptures of Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the permanent guru of Sikhism.

The following are some of his famous quotes by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Most of these quotes are from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji ’s writings in the Sri Dasam Granth.

Sikhism: Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world and was founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. 
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As we remember Guru Ji, let’s make an effort to reflect on his words, bring them into our daily lives and share these enlightening quotes to inspire them for a good living.

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“The ignorant person is totally blind he does not appreciate the value of the jewel”

This quote is often incorrectly quoted as by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. However its by Sikhs 3rd guru, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji from its on page 589 of Shri Guru Granth Sahib, the Holy book and eternal Guru for Sikhs.




Chirion se main baaz turaun,
Tabe Gobind Singh naam kahaun

It is when I make sparrows fight hawks that I am called Gobind Singh

Gidderon se main sher banaun,
Tabe Gobind Singh naam kahaun

It is when make I lions out of wolves that I am called Gobind Singh

Nichon se main ucch banaun,
Tabe Gobind Singh naam kahaun

It is when I make the lowly rise that I am called Gobind Singh

Sawa lakh se ek laraun,
Tabe Gobind Singh naam kahaun.

It is when I make one fight a hundred thousand that I am called Gobind Singh)


Powerful Top 50 Guru Gobind Singh Ji Quotes:

These are most popular, powerful and inspiring quotes by 10th Sikh guru.

“I tell the truth; listen everyone. Only those who have Loved, will realize the Lord” Guru Gobind Singh Ji


Sab sikhan ko Hukam hai guru manyo Granth.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji


God himself is the Forgiver”  – Guru Gobind Singh Ji


“It is nearly impossible to be here now when you think there is somewhere else to be.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“He alone is a man who keeps his word, Not that he has one thing in the heart, and another on the tongue.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Meeting the True Guru, hunger departs, hunger does not depart by wearing the robes of a beggar.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Day and night, meditate forever on the Lord.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“The Lord Himself reveals the Path, He Himself is the Doer of deeds.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“I fall at the feet of those who meditate on the Truest of the True.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Without the Name, there is no peace.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“He who regards all men as equals is religious.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Blessed, blessed is that Sikh of the Guru, who goes and falls at the Feet of the True Guru. Blessed, blessed is that Sikh of the Guru, who with his mouth, utters the Name of the Lord.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Egotism is such a terrible disease, he dies, to be reincarnated he continues coming and going.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“The greatest comforts and lasting peace are obtained, when one eradicates selfishness from within.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“If you are strong, torture not the weak, And thus lay not the axe to thy empire.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“In the City of Death, there is pitch darkness and huge clouds of dust, neither sister nor brother is there. This body is frail, old age is overtaking it.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“I fall at the feet of those who meditate on the Truest of the True.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“In egotism, one is assailed by fear, he passes his life totally troubled by fear.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Karta (The Creator) and Karim (The beneficient) are the names of the same God.

Razak (The provider) and Rahim (The merciful) are also the names given to Him.

“Let no man in his error wrangle over differences in names.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Worship the One God who is the Lord of all. Know that his form is one and He is the One light diffused in all.”  

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Those who call me God, will fall into the deep pit of hell.  Regard me as one of his slaves and have no doubt whatever about it. I am a servant of the Supreme Being; and have come to behold the wonderful drama of life.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“I came into the world charged with the duty to uphold the right in every place, to destroy sin and evil… the only reason I took birth was to see that righteousness may flourish, that good may live, and tyrants be torn out by their roots.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Whosoever assumes a religious garb pleases not God even a bit. O ye men, understand this clearly in your minds, that God is attained not through showmanship. They who practice deceit, attain not Deliverance in the Hereafter. They do so only to accomplish the affairs of the world and even the kings worship them for their appearance! But through showmanship, God is attained not, howsoever one searches. He who subdues his mind alone recognizes the Transcendent God.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“For this purpose was I born, let all virtuous people understand. I was born to advance righteousness, to emancipate the good, and to destroy all evil-doers root and branch.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“In the City of Death, there is pitch darkness and huge clouds of dust, neither sister nor brother is there. This body is frail, old age is overtaking it.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Dwell in peace in the home of your own being, and the Messenger of Death will not be able to touch you.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“The lord can never be established nor created; the formless one is limitlessly complete in Himself. Death would not be called bad, O people, if one knew how to truly die.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Blessed, blessed is the True Guru, who has given the supreme gift of the Name of the Lord.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“The world is blind and ignorant, in the love of duality, it engages in actions.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Without the Guru, no one has found the Lord s Name, O my Siblings of Destiny.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“I am forever a sacrifice to that Guru, who has led me to serve the Lord.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“I ever bow in humble reverence to my True Guru, meeting Him, I have come to know the Lord s Name.”

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“I am a sacrifice to the Guru, who recites the sermon of the Lords Teachings.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“I am a sacrifice to the Guru, who has totally cured me of the fatal disease of egotism. Glorious and great are the virtues of the Guru, who has eradicated evil, and instructed me in virtue.”  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“They are always at peace, and immaculately pure, they perform service for the True Guru.“  Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Those who worship and adore the Lord through the Guru s Word, forget all their pain and suffering.“  Guru Gobind Singh Ji


“Let everyone hail and praise the True Guru, who has led us to find the treasure of the Lord s devotional worship.“ Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“Fruitful is the entire life of those, who feel hunger for the Name of the Lord in their minds” Guru Gobind Singh Ji

“The Lord Himself reveals the Path, He Himself is the Doer of deeds.”

Guru Gobind Singh Ji




Here are some Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s teachings from his 52 Hukams that are guidance and as quotes are powerful, inspiring and motivating:

#21: “Kisae dee ninda, chugalee, atae eirkhaa nahee karnee”. “Do not gossip, nor slander, or be spiteful to anyone.”

#22: “Dhan, javaanee, tae kul jaat da abhiman naee karnaa (Nanak daadak tahe duae goath. Saak guroo Sikhan sang hoath)”
“Do not be proud of riches, youthfulness or lineage. (Regardless of maternal and paternal caste or heritage, all of the Guru’s Sikhs are siblings of one family.)”

#8 “Shabad da abhiaas karnaa”: “Practice the sacred hymns to life.”

#10 “Guru Granth Sahib Jee noo Guru mananaa”: “Believe in and accept Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the Guide to enlightenment.”

#20 “Gurbanee dee kathaa tae keertan roaz sunanaa atae karnaa”: “Take part in listening to Kirtan and discussions of the essence of Gurbani every day.”

#40 “Chugalee kar kisae da kam nahee vigaarnaa”: “Do not ruin anyone’s work by gossiping.”

#19 “Kum karan vich daridar nahee karnaa”: “Work hard and don’t be lazy”.

#44 “Pardaesee, lorvaan, dukhee, apung manukh dee yataahshkat seva karnee”: “Do as much possible to serve and aid foreigners, those in need, or in trouble.”

#28 “Dushman naal saam, daam, bhaed, aadiak, upaa vartnae ate uprant udh karnaa”: “When dealing with enemies, practice diplomacy, employ a variety of tactics, and exhaust all techniques before engaging in warfare.”



One of the most quoted verses from the Zafarnama (script) by Guru Gobind Singh Ji is:

“All modes of redressing the wrong having failed, raising of sword is pious and just.” (verse 22)

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*If you find any information inaccurate or as sometimes the quotes are not by Guru Gobind Singh, please comment and we will update them.



The message of the Tenth Guru

Oh Supreme Being! I salute You! You are deathless and kind. You are formless and you are inexplainable. (2)

Oh Supreme Being! I salute You! You have no attire, You are unaccountable, You are formless. Unlike other living beings, you are not born out of the mother’s womb. (3)

Oh Supreme Being! I salute You! You are in-conquerable, You are indestructible. You are nameless and you have no abode and you are omnipresent. (4)

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Akal Ustaat

The message of the Tenth Guru

Tav Parsad Chopai

I salute the Supreme Being who is present in every living being. He is the beginning of all the creation. He has made his abode on the earth, the sky and the under-world. He is present in everything. He is invisible and indestructible. His light is present in the fourteen worlds. (1)

I salute the Supreme Being who is present in the elephant as well as the ant. He considers rich and poor alike. He is without duality and no one knows him. He cannot be separated from other beings. He is the knower of all the human hearts. (2)

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Bhagwati Ustaat

The message of the Tenth Guru

The power of Supreme Being is always known to punish the evil persons, to destroy the demons. This has been his nature since eternity. That power kills the chachhar demon. It destroys the sinners and finishes the hell. Its speed is immense. Its light is beautiful and indestructible. No one can punish him. Oh killer of Mahakhasur demon! You with your knotted hair on the head! You are the crowning glory of this earth! I hail you! (211)

You are the destroyer of demons, you are the killer of trouble makers. Oh extremely beautiful Bhagwati! You are the killer of Chhand demon, you are the killer of Mund demon, you are the killer of Dhumar Lochan, you are the killer of Mahakhasur. You are the killer of demons and you save the souls from the hell. You are the benefactor of sinners and you are present everywhere. Oh killer of Mahakhasur demon! You with the knotted hair on your head! I hail thee! (212)

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The book of Bachitaar Natak

The message of the Tenth Guru

Now I’ll narrate my own story of life as to how I was brought into this world meditatively from where there are seven peaks of the mount Hemkunt. (1)

That place is known as the place of penance where King Pandove had meditated. On that same place I meditated for a long time. (2)

I sat there in meditation and merged my self with the Supreme Being. There was no difference between us. My parents also used to meditate. Even they practiced many Kinds of Yoga. (3)

My parents practiced so much that it made the Supreme Being happy. When that Supreme Being allowed me to be born in Kalyug then I took birth. (4)

My heart did not wish to come into this world because I was constantly devoted to the Supreme Being. Then he persuaded me and sent me in this world by saying this. (5)

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Charitropakhyan is a long composition of tales ascribed to Guru Gobind Singh. Charitaropakhyan means those tales which were already told by someone and they contain moral messages. Its also a plot created by the author in which there is an account of stories told by the wise minister to his King.

“On this day, 324 years ago, sitting along the banks the Satleg River, Guru Gobind Singh completed his largest composition, the Chritaropakhyan, a collection of 405 short stories, framed as a discussion between a minister and his king about the precarious nature of relationships.

Guru Gobind Singh’s range is incredible – drawing from Punjabi folk tales, writing on Hir Ranjha, Soni Mahiwal, Sassi Pannu, Mirza Sahiban, Biblical stories (writing on Joseph), Puranic tales of Indra, King Dasratha, Vishnu, and even about the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

The last section of the Chritaropakhyan, the ‘Benti Chaupai’ is daily recited and is read during the Amrit Sanchar ceremony to initiate participants into the Khalsa fold. It requests protection from the Divine so one may steer clear of any of the aforementioned troubles and traps ” by Jvala Singh

Charitar means “miracle”, “wonder”, “trick”, “charm”, “play”, “fun” or “show”.

3 of stories from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sri_Charitropakhyan

Here is a sample #100: Tale of Clever Woman

In Raghu-kul an king named Roopeswar was a famous and respected in Nagar of Ropar(Today Punjab). He had a queen named “Chittar Kumari” and she was very beautiful and no other woman was equally beautiful to her. A Danav(Demon) came over from Lanka to Ropar. He was enticed by the Rani and Danav mind got fixed on her. The king called his bishops for consulting to get rid of Danav. And they sent a powerful (Mullah)Muslim general to fight him off and mullah challenged Danav with his power. Danav responded by lifting the castle around him in one hand and Mullah in other and he placed castle on his head as if he is the pillar supporting him and the castle fell on him and this is how he sent the mullah to Jampur (City of Death). Then, the king sent his second Muslim general, who Danav lifted from legs and banged him on earth and killed him. Then came another one who he picked and threw in the river.
Then came a women in front of Danav, and she started praising the dana and this pacified the Danav. She enticed the Danav. She fed the Danav with various kind of Food and Wines, which made Danav Happy. She started doing this every day for him and he started trusting her more and more.
One day she sat sad in front of her and Danav asked her, you take good care of me and you ask nothing for return. Tell me what you want, why are you sad and I will fulfill your wish. He asked 2 or 3 times and she responded by saying. I am bothered by an Asur (Demon) and I don’t think you can do anything about it.

Hearing this the Danav wrote a Jantar for her and told her take this and whosoever sees it once will be burned to ashes. She smartly took it from him and opened it and showed him immediately. The Danav saw it himself and burned himself to ashes.

Learning: Thus, the Danav who could not have been even won over by powerful “kings of kings” Indra ended up being deceived (Charitar) by a simple woman.


#101 Tale Of Soni Mahiwal

On the bank of the river Ravi, there use to live a Jat named Mahiwal. Seeing him Sohni fell in love with him. When sun use to go down, she use to come visit her by crossing the river Ravi. She use to swim across the river by holding “Baked Clay Pot” or Pakka Ghadda which does not dissolves in water. One day when she started her journey, her brother woke up and started following her. The secret of her journey to meet Mahiwal was now known to her brother, but Sohni did not know her secret is revealed to her brother. Next day in morning her brother went and replaced the Pakka ghadda with Kacha Ghadda or “unbaked clay pot” which dissolves in water. Thus that night Sohni picked her kachaa ghadda and began journey. She swam half way and the Unbaked clay pot melted in waters of Ravi and sohni sank and died in water. Mahiwal waiting and waiting started searching for Sohni in Ravi waters. A strong wave current came and he also sank in the river and died.

Learning: Thus, One Person (her own Brother) constructed a plot (Charitar) which ended up killing sohni and mahiwal.


#108 Sassi Punnu

The Rishi Kapil came over to some place and saw an Apsara named Rambha. Seeing Rambha his mind got affixed with her and his “Biraj” fell on earth. From his Biraj, Rambha got pregnant, which resulted in a girl child being born. Rambha threw that child in Sind River and went to swarga.

The girl kept floating in river Sind and Was rescued by Kind of Sind Brahamdatt. He started taking care of her as a daughter and named her Sassi or “Sassiya” as she was more beautiful than the Moon (Sass).

When she grew up, she was married to King Punnu. The King Punnu already had Rani before Sassi. As Punnu grew fond of Sassi, the other Elder Rani got jealous of Sassi. She plotted to kill Punnu with her servants, when King Punnu will go for hunting next time. The day of death came and King Punnu went for Hunting and the servant of Elder Rani fired his arrow and took the King down in middle of Dark jungle. The news of death came to Sassi and she went with her servants to middle of jungle to see dead body of Punnu, and seeing the body Sassi also died.

The story ends with Dharamraj Response

In Dharamraj Sabha news of death came of Sassi and Punnu, Dharamraj responded that with the jealous fervor sorrow, the Other Rani got angry and did Charitar(Plotted) to kill her Husband Punnu, with the same Sorrow she will taken, lets do this solution.

Learning: Jealousy always leads to wrong ending and is punishable in court of Dharamraj.

Lesson: Jealousy always leads to wrong ending and is punishable in court of Dharamraj.

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