Short Into One Breath Meditation:

REFLECTION after Practice:
How does it feel to put your full attention on one breath?
How does this practice impact your state of mind?

INTEGRATION Practice during the day:
Complete a ‘One Complete Cycle of Breath’ practice before a meeting or spending time with someone today.

Just Like Me Mindfulness Meditation:

REFLECTION after Practice: In what ways does this affect your perceptions of or experience with this person?

INTEGRATION Practice during the day:
Think of someone whom you’ll meet today or think of the next person you expect to see today. Take a moment to silently consider how that person is just like you. For example, you may say to yourself, “This person wants to be loved, just like me,” or, “This person wants to do a good job, just like me.”

Loving Kindness Mindfulness Meditation:

REFLECTION after Practice:
What do you notice with regard to your mood or behavior as a result from this practice?

INTEGRATION Practice during the day:
Practice loving kindness at work, or with friends/family. Prior to a work meeting or a conversation with friends/family, take a silent moment to wish happiness for those you will be engaging with.

Meditation for Success & Positive Mindset:

REFLECTION after Practice:
How do you feel now vs. when you first started? How is your mindset?

INTEGRATION Practice during the day:
Any time during day if negative thoughts come, bring you focus back to breath, Smile and repeat a Positive Affirmation.

Walking Meditation:

MINDFULNESS Walking Meditaiton: 

REFLECTION after Practice:
How did shifting your attention to finding your feet impact your attention, energy, or focus?

INTEGRATION Practice during the day:
Find your feet. While in a meeting or giving a presentation (or just in a conversation with someone today), rest some attention on the sensations of the feet making contact with the ground to bring the mind and body back together and recenter.




Walking Meditation with Mantra WAHEGURU:


What is Forgiveness meditation? In Forgiveness meditation, one is guided, through imagery, words or phrases to extend forgiveness thoughts to others and the self. 

Guided Meditaiton

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