Feel the feeling but don’t become the emotion


Just like the our thoughts, our feelings and emotions are powerful. What we think and how we feel are related.

We must never underestimate the power of our emotions. Our thoughts and emotions are entangled and linked in ways we sometimes can’t comprehend. A common flaw in everyone is the lack of awareness of our thoughts. Most times we tend to react rather than reflect or respond.

The technique to transform is by being aware of what we are thinking, feeling and witnessing them without judgements. From this space of awareness we can then choose to release whats not needed & connect with the power of choice we have. 



    Close your eyes, take a deep breath and invite a feeling of calmness.
    With every Breath in – be aware of air going in and out
    With every Breath Out – Release, let go of any tension, worries…
    Continue to breathe and keep the focus on breath, sensations, feelings.



    If you feel any tension, stress or negative thoughts 
    Come back to breath

    Pick 1 or more Affirmations (Positive statements)
    Affirm by repeating them:
    “I am Relaxed!”
    “I am Calm!”
    “I breathe and let go…!“  


    Remember this practice & Affirmations.
    At any time if you feel stress, emotional, angry, anxious, take a pause to Reflect and Respond by breathing and letting go!

    Remind yourself that you are the Captain of your Sailboat – the master of your life.

Combine this quote with an AFFIRMATION “I allow myself to feel and Release!” and Forgiveness Guided Meditation.


Loving Kindness meditation: 
In Loving-Kindness Meditation, one is guided, through imagery, words or phrases to extend positive thoughts to others and the self. Loving-kindness meditation cultivates feelings of compassion, equanimity and gratitude. Loving Kindness is a Mindfulness Meditation helps with : mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situations.


“Feel the feeling but don’t become the emotion.
Witness it.  Allow it. Release it!”

Crystal Andrus

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