Letting go of the Ego is like taking off tight shoes

Ego is one of layers as described in Layers of Life that overshadows our true essence and often creates problems. 

“Letting go of Ego is like taking off tight shoes 

-Ram Das

 This quote by Ram Das inspires us to take off our tight shoes so that we can experiencing our true selves which is the entire Universe. 

“One consciousness that expresses in different modified forms.”

Health is more than absence of disease.

To stay fit physically, be calm mentally, and to nourish your soul – practice Holistic Health. 

Breathe in and then let go – of what is not needed. Make room the room for next breath. Create room by fully letting go of the last breath.

Read more on Letting Go Mindfulness foundation.


An affirmation can help to remind us and attain the quality of Letting go and flowing. Affirm this by writing it, repeating it: 

“I let go of what’s not needed”




Are you are Ready today to take the step? 

Take a deep breath and while breathing out,

Let go and RELEASE of what is no longer needed!

    Find time to reflect
    Sit comfortably and just focusing on Breathing.
    Notice the natural breathing and the air going in and out
    Once settled, think about an event that happened a long time ago.
    See what thoughts come to mind, how your breath changes, do you feel any sensations.

    Ask yourself, is what I am holding on too, helping me? Is it serving me?
    Remind yourself to make room so next breath can come in.
    Let go as each breath leaves the body.
  3. INTEGRATE: Any time you feel overwhelmed or Anxious, Remember to Breathe and Let go.

So did you find this post helpful? 

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