Equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you

With Equality and equal rights for everyone it will be better world! Some may feel that they may loose or will have less rights than what they have.

Often we come across injustice in the society or double standards with different rules being applied for one group vs. another.

Perhaps some recent event may have brought you here. I hope you can use this quote to educate others. And also step back, reflect on how we can help the other side understand that: 

“Equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you. It’s not a pie” – Unknown

More quotes which inspire us to take action:

Regardless of what has been done in the past…. We can now work towards doign – what is right now.  READ MORE

“The time is always Right to do what is Right”– Martin Luther King Jr

We also need to understand people we need to convince; their fears and their point of views.  We can improve on how we help them see why Equality does not mean less rights for them with better arguments. READ MORE

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” Desmond Tutu


  1. BREATHE: Take a moment to pause and breathe.
    • Slow deep breathing… and guide your breath to go deeper
    • Try breathing in for a count of 4 and breathing out for a count of 5 or longer
  2. REFLECT:  Think about Equality and  the other side that you need to help understand.
    • What thoughts come up?
    • What are you feeling?
    • Can you identify any Fears?
  3. RESPOND: 
    • Come back to the breath & without any judgement notice your body, thoughts or any sensations
    • With the next breath out – Release and let go  anything that is not helping you right now
    • Ask yourself are these thoughts helping or hurting me?
    • Opening your fist visualize releasing a string and release the fear

Watch the balloon fly away…



  • No matter how small we may think we are,  Each one of can make a difference and bring a change.
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