Don’t fake being ok. You only hurt yourself. Balance!

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]When things are not going and often when someone asks how are you? We reply with, I am ok; even though we know we are not or need help. This quote is a nice reminder to not fake being ok as we are only hurting ourselves. A way to help during challenging times is to breathe, relax and not let any circumstances consume us.

What is outlook now? Do you have positive  or are feeling negative, worried, anxious?

Ask yourself am I starting my day with the attitude? If not you change your outlook by thinking with positive thoughts, read something positive & repeat this affirmation any time you feel tension, stress, anxiety. As soon as a thought comes to mind, a  past memory or event that comes and bothers you – pause and replace with a positive thought.


Don’t fake being ok.
You only hurt yourself.
Be real with what you’re going through.
Just don’t let it Consume you.


AFFIRM IT if you agree, and REPEAT this affirmation daily, during the day, every day that “I am Relaxed!”




Don't fake being OK


affirmation I am relaxed

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