When digestive fire is strong you can turn poison into nectar

Agni is the Sanskrit word for “fire.” Ayurveda honors agni as one of the most important aspects of our health and well-being. Agni is responsible for digesting food and assimilating nutrients, so it’s essential to keep it strong and balanced.

So, what is Ayurveda? It’s a holistic system of medicine that considers the body, mind, and spirit as an integrated whole. The goal of Ayurvedic nutrition is to create balance in the body by eating foods that are compatible with your individual constitution or dosha. If you’re interested in learning more about this ancient system of health and nutrition, we offer Introduction to Holistic Health course where you can explore all aspects of Ayurveda in-depth.

We will share tips and look at some foods that can help boost agni, as well as some tips on how to create healthy meals using these foods.

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Do you know which of your Mind and Body Dosha needs balancing? 


In our Holistic health program, you can take the Dosha quiz to understand your mind-body type and your current needs to balance your body and mind.

Ayurvedic medicine is based on the idea that the world is made up of five elements — aakash (space), jala (water), prithvi (earth), teja (fire), and vayu (air)

A combination of these element results in our unique mind-body type/s or doshas, known as vata, kapha, and pitta. These doshas are believed to be responsible for a person’s physiological, mental, and emotional health.

“When digestive fire is strong you can turn poison into nectar.”

Ayurvedic saying


  1. BREATHE: 
    • Take a moment to pause and notice your breathing.
    • Feel the air going in and out of your body.
    • Observe how deep or shallow the breathing is
    • on a what is are you seeking today?
    • Is there anything that is making you feel uncomfortable. 
    • Can you notice tension, pressure, unpleasant sensations in your body?
  3. RESPOND: 
    • Slow deep breathing… and guide your breath to go deeper
    • Try breathing in for a count of 4 and breathing out for a count of 5 or longer
    • If you notice your mind going away from breathing, gently come back to the breath, without any judgements
    • With the next breath out Release and let go of anything that is not needed
      or anything that is not helping you right now.

Remember that you have a choice!

Breathe, connect with power of choice and stay balanced.

“I am present in this MOMENT!”


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In our Holistic health program,  you can learn about what is a  dosha or mind-body makeup as described by Ayurveda. (three doshas: Vata, Pita, Kapha).

Understand what each dosha looks like when it is in-balance and when it is out of balance. 

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