We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.

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Fears are a part of life, aren’t they? How many times has fear consumed you and stopped you from doing great things? I’m sure the answer is quite a few. Fear be debilitating and the only way you can overcome it is by acting.

“We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.”

Dr. Henry Link

This quote is by Dr. Henry C Link whose story of restoration of inspire many. Fear can take over any part of your life and it is important to remember that many who have had similar fears have beaten all odds and emerged triumphant. You can do it too!

Imagine you must get through an obstacle course. Naturally, you’re going to have competitors and they will try to beat you. The fear of losing is natural and you are not going to overcome it by stalling. You must train hard and your competence should instill the fear of losing into others.

You will have to take initiative and do something.

Acting is by far the most important thing to do if you want to overcome fear. “Face your fears” is an overused phrase but it is completely true. Cowering will not you one bit.

For example, if you want grades in your exams, you must work harder to reach those goals. If you trust yourself to do it, no fear crop up and destroy it!

Take some steps, no matter how small. Practice this for best results –

  1. Reflect: Do you let your fears consume you every time?
  2. Respond: Take steps to alleviate fear. takes precedence.
  3. Integrate: If things are not working out for you, take time out to remind yourself that you are strong, and this is just a blip in your radar.

Take the example of icons like Jeff Bezos, who in the face of fear trusted his instincts and worked towards a company that has a humongous stature in today’s world. Get inspired and start sweeping those fears away!

teenage inspirational quote fear action

Use this Affirmation that you do anything in this world and only you can stop yourself from doing so.

“I Imagine, Believe and go Get it.”


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