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Beginners Mind: In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the experts’ mind there are few.

We have never been in this moment before. If we can just be present, we can appreciate wonders that are happening around us all the time. A breeze flowing, a gaze, meeting someone, a hug, looking or perhaps stopping and smelling a flower. 

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There are seven attitudinal foundations of MINDFULNESS described by Jon Kabat-Zinn as the “major pillars of mindfulness practice”.

REFLECT: As you settle, what judgements you come to mind. Could be about this theme or a meeting you are about to go to.

RESPOND: See if you can Note without getting hooked into the experience.

INTEGRATE:  Remember this “nonjudgmental noting” exercise and it will help you practice separating your judgment of your experiences from the experiences themselves.

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the experts’ mind there are few.

Suzuki Roshi

About the Author of Quote:  Shunryu Suzuki (鈴木 俊隆 Suzuki Shunryū, dharma name Shōgaku Shunryū 祥岳俊隆, often called Suzuki Roshi; May 18, 1904 – December 4, 1971) was a Sōtō Zen monk and teacher who helped popularize Zen Buddhism in the United States, and is renowned for founding the first Zen Buddhist monastery outside Asia.


My name is Jas. Singh, I have often found myself searching for quotes for myself, for my daughters. I have made it my goal to publish daily posts with Positive, Inspiring quotes that are encouraging for us to learn from and apply into our daily lives. 

I encourage you to not only read this quote but also to think and write does it mean to you, what and how you will apply it. If you are a leader or manager, inspire, motivate and share the positive quote with others. 

Consider Mindfulness meditation as a way to help calm down and reflect on the message.

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