By standing still we overtake those that are running

Let’s look at Stress & Anxiety, what it is and what can we do about it. Anxiety can be defined as our body’s response to stress. It is a feeling of fear or apprehension about future – what going to happen? 

Fear is a dominant emotion of our mind, ingrained in us from thousands of years of evolution. It was useful then to always be on alert. To be ready for anything that might happen. Although we have to be ready today as well, always being fearful is very counter productive to a being peaceful. 

When we are Anxious, our sympathetic nervous system gets activated. To bring our awareness down from hyper activated state, we can use the technique referred to as Grounding or Centering or being in a balanced state. 

By coming to the present moment, it helps us to relax, calm down.

Using Breathing and paying attention to sensations that are present we can stop the inner stories we tell our selves.   

The world and people are always running running running, some times in a mad chase.

A beautiful quote from Katho Upanishad inspires us to take time to be still and reflect. What is our purpose? Why are we worried and fearful? What are we worried about?

“By standing still, we overtake those

who are running” 

Katho Upanishad



Are you are Ready today to Reflect and let go of fear? 

Take a deep breath and while breathing out,

Let go and RELEASE of your worries!


Sit comfortably and just focusing on Breathing.
Notice the natural breathing and the air going in and out

Once settled, think of
what situation is making you Anxious?
what are you afraid of?

Notice if your breathing changes and becomes shorter or faster,  If you feel any any sensations in your body. Does it feel warm or cold?

Next move your focus to:

What you see in front of you

What you hear

What you smell

What you feel – your body touching an object. (instead of internal feelings)

In this way by breaking the pattern of internal stories and thoughts we can come to present moment, where we can instead of fear step into and do something that is our power. 

Any time you feel overwhelmed or Anxious, Remember to:
Bring your attention to Breathing
Take long deep breaths 
Be in the present moment so you can focus on what you can do.


An affirmation can help to remind us to let go of fear – “I am infinite”.

Affirm this by writing it, repeating it: 

“I am Infinite”




So did you find this post helpful? 

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