Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Hey everyone! Today’s post will be written by me and my younger sister, Ajooni. We both found a quote by the famous Dr. Seuss and decided that this is a good quote for all the young kids.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Dr. Seuss

First off, I, Gurbani, will be sharing my point of view on this quote.

In our religion, Sikhism, men and women who have made the choice to be follow the teaching of our Guru Gobind Singh Ji, wear turbans everyday. Not only do they wear turbans, but they don’t cut their hair, they also follow the 5 K’s which are basic tenets of our religion.

Sometimes because Sikhs look different,  some ignorant people who use racial slurs which is NOT okay.

This doesn’t need to be stated, racism should never be tolerated. It is a nasty, and cruel thing that should not exist in the first place.

On the bright side, with education and awareness many people are starting to realize how cruel racism is, and are changing for the better!

Now, my younger sister Ajooni will share her thoughts.

Hi everyone! My name is Ajooni Kaur and today I am going to share my thoughts on this quote with you! I am going to give you an example of what i think this quote displays. Let’s say you have a blue pair of pants, and a pink T-Shirt. The style may not be super popular among the average Joe, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing what you want. I believe that you should wear whatever you want and if someone comes up to you and tells you that your outfit is weird or ugly, kindly tell them that it is your sense of style and that is an outfit that makes you comfortable. At least you have some confidence and “spice” to wear a new style of clothing!


I agree Ajooni! These days, I see a lot of men starting to wear clothes that are known as feminine. So many people are supporting them, and that is awesome! But there are so many people who don’t support it and think that everyone has a boundary to what they can wear no matter if it makes them comfortable or not. If someone is confident enough in there masculinity, not toxic though, they should be able to wear what they want and be comfortable with it.

Another thing that people commonly say is that men who wear more feminine clothing are gay. In case someone does not know, being gay means that a male is attracted to another male. What has been known to be common is being straight which is a female being attracted to a male and vice-versa. But this world is changing a lot!

Just because a male wears feminine clothing does NOT mean he is gay. There is nothing wrong with it, but males can be straight and wear feminine clothing such as shorter shorts and crop tops. If you go on the app TikTok, there is one male that i see who is very confident in all of his outfit choices and he rocks it so well! In case you want to see what kind of clothing he wears, his username is @luvanthony.

Never be afraid to be yourself and try new things. People who show you hate don’t understand that they are helping you when they are trying to bring you down! Trust me, there are so many people out there who you may not know and they support you!

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