Today you are you!

Each one is Unique and this quote by Dr. Seuss reminds us of that. We tend to forget that try to fit in and try to be Cool!

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you.

Dr. Seuss

Hey everybody! Today’s post is by me, but the thoughts and quote were chosen and are by my younger sister, Ajooni too. Ajooni is 7 years old and she likes positive quotes as well! At least once a week, My post will explain her thoughts as well as mine as I ask her/give her prompts to base her thoughts off of. Without further ado, Here’s our post!

Hi everyone today’s quote is from Dr. Seuss. He makes awesome learning books for kids and they always have at least one or two funny imaginary characters that take the main roles of the story. In school we read about him a lot and we even have a special day in school dedicated to him where we decorate our class doors as one of his books. I like Dr. Seuss a lot, he is an amazing, funny, and loving author. He makes stories fun to read and educational as well.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough for something? You should never feel that way! That could mean you have a lot of negative energy built up and you need to let it out and get rid of it. Something that I like to do may not work for all adults, but i suggest you try it, even if it seems a little silly. I suggest you find something or someone you can snuggle.

Not too long ago, my family and I watched a Ted Talk (at end) which was talking about a hormone called Oxytocin. Oxytocin is sometimes known as the love hormone or cuddle hormone as well! The speaker said that no matter how old you are, what you look like, we all need love and affection from humans. Even the Dalai Lama tells us to practice compassion!

Snuggling releases this hormone which makes us feel happier, safer, and calmer than we were before! I like this method a lot.

Pretend you are preparing for a speech you have to make the next day. You are super nervous and you feel as if you are not good enough to properly do it. Using Ajooni’s method, you can find something soft and warm or someone you love, and just hug them and stay with them to cuddle etc. Snuggling helps because when you are nervous, you need an extra boost of happiness which oxytocin can give you by doing those things. After getting the boost of happiness and help, you can start to feel even happier from doing so!

All that we ask for you is to try this method. Obviously certain methods can’t be used for everything and certain methods don’t work for certain people, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying them! Take a shot at it. You might like/enjoy it!



Combine Reflecting on this quote with an Affirmation: I am Unique ME!



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