There are only two mistakes one can make…

If you are looking for motivation to start or get going again, this quote reminds us that there are only two mistakes: not starting and not going all the way!

If you have been thinking and have not started Or perhaps hit a block, challenge and stopped along the way, Pick yourself up today & start again.

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting”

– Buddha

*this quote is often attributed to Buddha, however there has no reference been found. 


So are you are Ready today to take a step? 


Take a deep breath and while breathing out, Let go of what is no longer needed!

REFLECTION practice: 

  1. Find time to reflect
    Sit comfortably and just focusing on Breathing.
    Notice the natural breathing and the air going in and out
    Once settled, think about an event that happened a long time ago.
    See what thoughts come to mind, how your breath changes, do you feel any sensations.

    Ask yourself, is what I am holding on too, helping me? Is it serving me?
    Remind yourself to make room so next breath can come in.
    Let go as each breath leaves the body.

Any time you feel overwhelmed or Anxious,

Remember to Breathe and Let go


continue to Take steps….. towards your Destination!


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