Nothing is particularly hard if you break it down into small jobs

If you are feeling overwhelmed, this quote will help you.

Take a slow deep breath and Relax. What ever seems like a challenge or causing you anxiety, can be done in small steps. 

“Nothing is particularly hard if you break it down into small jobs”

Henry Ford


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Today’s quote is by Henry Ford. Ford’s quote explained that nothing is particularly hard if you break it down into small jobs. I know that we all definitely can find an example in our lives where this could help make us less stressed and just to prove it to you, I’ll give an example of my own.


Recently I decided that I wanted to get more active in the gym, and take care of my body. But if you think about all the different components that you have to deal with in order to do that, it actually is pretty hard. For example, my current plan is to change my diet to a cutting diet. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, cutting refers to cutting down your body fat, or losing fat. In order to do so you need to make sure you are eating below your maintenance calories everyday. Something I struggled with for a long time is the idea that I had to only eat boring and healthy foods and I had to count every calorie. This completely bombed, at least in my situation. I tried to stick to that multiple times but I don’t think I have lasted longer than 4 days using this method to cut. After being annoyed at the method, I would tell myself, “You are young, it’s ok. You can burn it on later in life.” Although that may be true, I would still end up binge-eating a lot of food at night which would ruin my mood, my motivation, as well as any possible progress.

But recently I took a new approach to my diet. I didn’t count my calories. Technically maybe I did, but it wasn’t the same. My new approach was to make healthy decisions as to what I buy during grocery shopping, and also to watch my portion sizes when eating foods I love that are calorie-dense. Another thing I did was I sort of “estimated” the amount of calories I ate in a day. I didn’t take exact measurements but I had an idea of how many calories I’m eating and just making sure it is under my maintenance and around a decent deficit. 


But something I also changed in my diet is what type of food I eat. I still eat the same foods I love, but I make substitutions where I can to lower the calories I eat. I also still eat food when my family makes it, and still eat out, but i make sure that’s accounted for in my calories.


Anyways, thats about 2 small jobs so far, watching the calories, and making sure I stick to it. 


Another important job is making sure I am active in the gym. Personally if it was up to me, I would go to the gym everyday. But being a minor and not being able to drive on my own, yet, makes it a lot harder for me to get myself there. And so I take the opportunity to go whenever I can. A new thing I have decided to start implementing in my plan is to do home workouts on days that I don’t go. This way I can still get a workout in everyday.  


This quote can be applied to my life to show that although this whole process is hard, breaking it down into small jobs for me to do daily can actually make it a lot easier.

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