No one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers

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No one is perfect… that’s why pencils have erasers

Wolfgang Riebe

This is a quote, because It is easy for kids to understand as well. Lots of people are discouraged when the to do something and then aren’t able to do it correctly, and they should not be. This quote is trying to teach us that we should keep trying and learn from our mistakes instead of giving up from failing.

I could use writing these posts every day as an example. Yesterday at first, I admit that I was not able to write a post on my own. My dad then helped me redo it the right way, and we wrote a much post. Now I feel much more accomplished and fulfilled with myself that I did it the right way.


I encourage you and others to always keep trying to learn from your mistakes, and do not just give up after failing the first time. You will feel much with yourself knowing that you completed everything properly.

teen quote inspirational pencils erasers

My name is Gurbani Singh. I am a teenager and often found myself searching for quotes for girls as I am a teenage girl. I have made it a Goal to daily post Positive and quotes that are encouraging for us to learn from and apply into our daily lives. 

If you are a parent with youth kids or teenage son, daughter, boy or girl, I hope you find my posts inspirational and motivating. 

Encourage your kids to read and write what this means to them & how they will apply this quote to their lives. Also, consider breathing meditation as a way to calm down and on the message.

You read all of my encouraging quotes for teens

So did you find this post helpful, what do you think? 

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