Decisions not followed up immediately by action

Decisions not followed up immediately by action will begin the process of delusion.

 Michael Bernoff

Michael is gifted and amazing, I am so excited to be taking his program. But Michael in first session was able to get me and others to act! By reminding us of things we all have been meaning to & committing to do one of them right now he gets us going. Changing us for better!

I have heard similar quote by Robin Sharma “No idea works unless you do the work. Ideation without execution is delusion”.

We need a mindset shift and change comes by doing.

When we put off small or big tasks, we are living and repeating the very habits we are trying to change.

SO TAKE A STEP NOW, do something you have been putting off – how ever small and it will get you going.

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My name is Jas. Singh, I have often found myself searching for positive quotes for myself, for my daughters. I have made it my goal to publish daily posts with Positive, Inspiring quotes that are encouraging for us to learn from and apply into our daily lives. 

If you are a parent with youth kids or teenage son, daughter, boy or girl, I hope you find my posts inspirational and motivating. 

I encourage you to not only read this quote but also to think and write does it mean to you, what and how you will apply it.  Encourage your kids to read and write what this means to them & how they will apply this quote to their lives. If you are a leader or manager, inspire, motivate and share the positive quote with others. 

Consider Mindfulness meditation as a way to help calm down and reflect on the message.

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