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We can simply look at what we do in life in two ways; If we go after something that is easy the risk is low vs. if we go after something big the risk is high. Big results involve big risks. This quote is from 18 Rules of living proposed by Dalai Lama.

Take into account that great and great achievements involve great risk.

Dalai Lama

Hello everyone! This post is once again inspired by the Dalai Lama, the 14 one to be exact.

I am sure that there is some that you have wanted to in life right? Well no matter what it is, you have to put some risk factor into it. The bigger the goal, the bigger the risks.

I also would further add that great risks require greater effort; If your goal was “BIG” and you put in appropriate great effort chances are that you will be able to achieve “BIG”. If you want “BIG” but you just did the bare minimum and didn’t feel like putting in anything extra, you might get lower results which maybe okay but not as great as “BIG”.

This goes for anything, even as simple as wanting to make a new dish. If you put the right amount of effort into learning, and then preparing chances are that you will be able to cook a delicious meal. Now further if you want to lets say create a new fusion dish and want to experiment with a new way of cooking it, or seasoning it, and that is amazing! The risk-factor of this goal will be high and will require great effort.

My point is, try to put in as much effort as you can into your goals, and maybe take some risks that can add better “qualities” to the output. If you do the bare minimum you will “succeed,” but it won’t be as exciting and relieving of a victory than you expect. One thing that I have learned is that you cannot expect results right away, and you cannot expect to do the bare minimum and have astonishing results, it does not work like that. Try to find something that you really want to do and figure out how to use this to help you. Let me know how it goes!

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self affirmation quotes I commit goal

Combine with Affirmation: I commit to my goals and take the risk to achieve my dreams.





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