Affirmation: I take the road less traveled to explore and find my path.

I bet this just reminds you of another self-help book you came across.

Life is synchronized by the customs and traditions of the world and change is either refused or discouraged. That’s why people get stuck in the loop of regret and guilt. You cannot understand life without accepting the changes it inherits from time.

In the end, nothing remains permanent in life except the change. You can either follow others or break the custom by finding your own path. Robin Sharma’s affirmation also stresses the same.

Initially, being in the crowd can be casual, but writing your fate along with the crowd will take you no far than the crowd. Your life will just be like an unnoticed piece of paper that flies anywhere the wind takes it.

Being normal is boring!

If you just try to be normal every time then you will never know how amazing you can be. The moment you begin to know yourself is the point where the road diverges into two paths. One you follow, and the other path follows you. One is crowded and the other is less traveled.

Make the difference by escaping the ordinary and explore the less traveled. And by choosing the right path, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.

  So affirm by writing & repeating:

I take the road less traveled to explore
& find my Path!


Apply the below technique to change your mindset and program your mind to always know deeply that you have a Positive outlook!

REFLECT:  on a where are you going in life? Are you at a fork and looking to decide which path to take?

RESPOND: Are you staying in your comfort zone and taking the easy way out OR ready to step out and take the challenges?

INTEGRATE: Any time in future, if things worry you or you are anxious, remember this affirmation & how you can take the road less traveled and find your path.

Repeating a affirmation every day can do wonders. TRY IT!

We hope you rewrite your day into a positive one with a Daily Affirmation/s.

AFFIRM IT if you agree, and REPEAT this affirmation daily, during the day, every day that “I take the road less traveled to explore
& find my Path!

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You cannot let the fool take you out of a path or an idea that you think is good for you. Just don’t bother listening to anyone who tells you what you can and can’t be in life. Roads that are less traveled are like that for a reason. It’s because not everyone can set the trend but everyone can follow one. You can not satisfy your integrity by certain enactments just to please others. That will destroy you by your foundation.

Trying something new will always keep you ahead of those who never tried in the first place. Your knowledge will always be greater than them. You learned by the experience and they learned by the compulsion of society.

“Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind.”


Be courageous to take the risk. Choose the path where you are not given any guarantees. If you refuse to seek difference you will be unable to possess the knowledge which others fail to possess because they took the vow to accept only those things that are enforced on them in the form of assurance and guarantees.

Don’t get satisfied with your life too easily with the crowd, strive for the crown. The journey of your life will give you what you seek for, only when you seek it in a different way than the others do. And consider yourself immensely responsible to help people find the paths less explored.

Life is so conflicted and diverged that one will always find something new if one seeks it. If there isn’t any there is an option to create it. And that’s the best part. This Robin Sharma quote is so apt.

Compose yourself with the changes you regret, gather the knowledge you got from the experiences, converge your thoughts on the question you asked yourself and escape all the boundaries. Wander alone and examine life. Wandering will finally give you the purpose of life.

Let us close from  Top Robin Sharma Quotes

“I take the roads less traveled to explore”

Robin Sharma

We all have limiting beliefs that prevent us from doing more than we think we can. 

We all go through tough times in our lives and often due to things that have happened in past, feel we are not capable, worthy or we can’t. 

Here is a Meditation for Success:

We strongly believe that repeating an affirmation can change the way we think of our self and of others. And if that thought happens to be a positive one, then it can do wonders for those who read it and apply it. 

Studies shows that Positive Affirmations are a powerful way to improve our mindset on a daily basis. How we start our mornings, sets our entire day. We must start our day with gratitude, love and care of each other. 

Consider Mindfulness meditation as a way to help calm down and reflect on the message.

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