Affirmation: I am healthy as an Ox

Happy New Lunar Chinese Year!

This Lunar New Year will usher in the year of the Ox, the second animal in the Chinese zodiac.  The Ox is known for its diligence, dependability, strength, and determination. Before taking action, the Ox creates a plan with a clear and detailed journey against which it will place its faith and strength as it sets out to achieve its plan. In this way, we couldn’t have asked for a better Zodiac symbol as we look ahead into 2021.

Lunar New Year is based on several myths. A mythological beast known as “Nian” (年 in Chinese) whose name shares the same Chinese character as the word year is said to have terrorized human kind during New Year’s Eve/Day.  Many of the activities done during the New Year (setting off fireworks/fireworks, wearing red, lion dancing, throwing uncooked rice at a figurative demon) are to represent that.

The Jade Emperor sets a marathon and tells all the animals to race in order to gain a spot in the Chinese (later Asian) astrological calendar.  The winners are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.  The cat originally was supposed to be part of the race, but he (or she) was duped by the rat and overslept.  Hence, to this day, the cat and the rat are mortal enemies. 2021 is the year of the ox.

Red envelopes, and equivalent, were given to unmarried singles by married couples.  They were supposed to ward off/bribe off evil spirits who terrorized children and single folks at night during New Year’s. This tradition is still carried on today.

We hope you  take time to rest & rejuvenate!

Affirm by writing & repeating:

“I am healthy as an Ox!”


You can change your thoughts with by repeating an Affirmation and a simple meditation practice.


  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath and Relax.
  • With every Breath in Relax
  • With every Breath Out – Let go
  • Come back to breath every time you get distracted by thoughts.


  • See what thoughts are come to mind
  • Continue to come back to the breath
  • Pick 1 or more Affirmations (Positive statements)
  • Affirm by repeating them:
    • “I am healthy!”
    • “I am Tough!”
    • “I am Strong!”


    Remember this practice & Affirmation. Any time you need it, take a pause remind yourself that you are the of your life, you have the power of choose. 

    “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

    – Unknown & not by Buddha


    Repeating a affirmation can do wonders.  

    TRY IT! 

    We hope you rewrite your day into a positive one with a Daily Affirmation/s.

    AFFIRM IT if you agree!

    REPEAT this affirmation daily, during the day, every day that: 
     “I am  healthy as an Ox!


    What is an Affirmation & Why you need them

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    Let us close with a Quote


    “Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
    Being willing is not enough; we must do!”

    – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    We all have limiting beliefs that prevent us from doing more than we think we can. 

    We all go through tough times in our lives and often due to things that have happened in past, feel we are not capable, worthy or we can’t. 

    Here is a Meditation for Success:

    We strongly believe that repeating an affirmation can change the way we think of our self and of others. And if that thought happens to be a positive one, then it can do wonders for those who read it and apply it. 

    Studies shows that Positive Affirmations are a powerful way to improve our mindset on a daily basis. How we start our mornings, sets our entire day. We must start our day with gratitude, love and care of each other. 

    Consider Mindfulness meditation as a way to help calm down and reflect on the message.

    Top 50 Affirmations for Success

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