We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit

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We have heard, we need to have good habits. If we want to improve, achieve then we have to have or change our habits. What we get is results of what we do, so if we want excellence, then we have to make it a habit and do bring excellence into everything we do – again and again, over and over. A Motivating, Inspiring quote by Aristotle reminding us to understand and change our thoughts, actions, life and ultimately our destiny.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Hello! today’s post is by the amazing Aristotle! There are many techniques used by him in our K-12 education. I believe it was during my 7th grade in which I was introduced to the teachings and philosophy of, Aristotle. As you may already know, Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and polymath during the Classical period in Ancient Greece. Taught by the great Plato, he was the founder of the Lyceum, the Peripatetic school of philosophy, and the Aristotelian tradition.

A cool fact about him is that he is famous for learning from Plato for more than 20 years, yet he rejected Plato’s theories! I just learnt this and definitely did not expect that, it is crazy! Anyways, let’s get to the point of our actual quote.

So being excellent, being the highest rank, being the best player, all these things are pretty similar. If we are known for getting it one or twice, it’s an act. and it’s a cool thing to randomly receive. But, if we work enough to turn receiving acknowledgment for being excellent into a very common thing, it will be recalled as a habit and it will make it much easier to be better and push ourselves for doing better things.

I hope you know, that pushing yourself to do the right thing, motivating ourselves to do what is necessary for our goals in life, even though it is sometimes, will definitely be rewarding in the end. Work on yourself and figure out what is necessary to make Excellence a habit! Good luck!

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My name is Gurbani Singh. Since I am a teenager, I often find myself searching for positive quotes for girls. After reading these I have made it a goal to post Positive and Inspiring quotes daily. I hope that these are as encouraging to you as they are for me to learn from and apply to our daily lives.

If you are a parent, I hope you find my posts inspirational and motivating. 

Encourage your kids to read and write what this means to them & how they apply this quote to their lives. Also, consider learning and practicing breathing meditation as a way to help relax and reflect on the message.

You read all of my encouraging quotes for teens

So did you find this post helpful, what do you think? 

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