The Man Who Has Confidence In Himself Gains The Confidence Of Others

Confidence is something that everyone finds in scarcity at some point in their lives.

Need I remind you of the countless times we have felt we wouldn’t be successful in some task because our minds tell you that is the truth?

“The Man Who Has Confidence In Himself Gains The Confidence Of Others.” 

Hasidic Proverb

Our mind is more than capable of playing tricks and we must realize that before it’s too late.

The best starting place to gain confidence is to think you’re confident. You become what you think you are, and your brain can be wired to feel it. Until and unless you want to gain confidence, no number of self-help books can save you.

An affirmation can help you knock self-doubt to the curb:

“I am Confident”



Is something that can emphasize that you’re always ready and can take on any given challenge full of confidence.




Repeat this or any affirmation you like everyday until you can feel it in you. Do not stop there. Say it everyday even if you feel confident. It must remind you who you are and what you can be.

A lot of people, teenagers especially, have a very hard time feeling confident. We all need to learn to find confidence within ourselves and believe in ourselves for whatever we do.

What I interpret from this quote, is that once we have found self-confidence, people will see that. They will then see our tenacity, and thus they will trust and respect us.

Yesterday I started reading the book “How Champions Think.” Although I haven’t read too much of it yet, I have learned that in order to get confidence, you have to first want it. You then have to work hard, persevere to achieve your goals, and believe in yourself.

This is one of the quotes that I want to apply to myself and one that I connect with.

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