Sometimes later becomes never. Do it now.

Some of us procastinate and instead of doing what’s important. We either put it off or do something else.

Hello everyone! Today’s quote is by Linda Frame, and it reminds us to do what’s needed Now!

Sometimes later becomes never. Do it now.

Linda Frame

Everyone reading this right now is very lucky to have lived another day. We need to learn to appreciate waking up every single day. There are so many people that go to sleep one night and never get up again. If I am thinking about getting good at basketball, I might say, tomorrow i am going to start practicing and get good. But no, thats not the answer. What if I somehow don’t have a tomorrow? I would have gone while not having done something that was very intriguing to me. Instead, I should say that i will start now, at this current moment.

If I started and did as much as possible today, if something were to happen to me, you know what I mean, at least I would have started and had some time to do something that seemed important to me.

My point is, don’t wait any longer to try and accomplish your dreams or goals. No one knows how much longer we will be on this place named Earth, so we must cherish, and wisely spend our time everyday.

As you are exiting out of this post to possibly others, try to think of something that you really want to do, no matter how “crazy” it may seem. If you are not able to do the real thing during quarantine, find something you can do to imitate it, and maybe even find something else that you really want to do.

Just don’t wait, and go do it!

Daily positive quote do it now

My name is Gurbani Singh. Since I am a teenager, I often find myself searching for positive quotes for girls. After reading these I have made it a goal to post Positive and Inspiring quotes daily. I hope that these are as encouraging to you as they are for me to learn from and apply to our daily lives.

If you are a parent, I hope you find my posts inspirational and motivating. 

Encourage your kids to read and write what this means to them & how they can apply this quote to their lives. Also, consider learning and practicing breathing meditation as a way to help relax and reflect on the message.

You can read all of my encouraging quotes for teens

So did you find this post helpful, what do you think? 

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