Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive…

Here is to your outlook: what do you deeply connect with? Seek time to pause, breathe and reflect on this quote and see what comes to you. It may come out easy or it may require some searching and going deeper. You can also try a meditation to help you relax and connect with something other than body & mind.

Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive along with which comes the inner voice which says “This is the real me,” and when you have found that attitude, follow it.

William James

Hey everyone, how is it going? Thanks once again for reading my posts, as you may have heard me state before, it does mean a lot to me knowing that someone is behind the other screen reading my work and it is not going to waste, so thank you. Today’s quote is much much longer than the quotes i normally do, but my sister and father picked this one and asked that I do this for my post today. So here we are! As we normally do, let us start by learning a bit about our author of the quote, William James.

William James was an American philosopher and psychologist, and the first educator to offer a psychology course in the United States. James is considered to be a leading thinker of the late nineteenth century, one of the most influential philosophers of the United States, and the “Father of American psychology,” which is crazy because I had never even known anything about him before i researched this.

Anyways, what our quote is basically saying is that don’t try to be a better version of yourself for others. Don’t change yourself at all for others. Instead, try to find something you can do that triggers your mind to feel like you can do anything you want. Once you figure out how to trigger that attitude, NEVER. GIVE IT. UP. Go push yourself to constantly follow that attitude and make a better path for yourself to do anything you need to do.

My name is Gurbani Singh. Since I am a teenager, I often find myself searching for positive quotes for girls. After reading these I have made it a goal to post Positive and Inspiring quotes daily. I hope that these are as encouraging to you as they are for me to learn from and apply to our daily lives.

If you are a parent, I hope you find my posts inspirational and motivating. 

Encourage your kids to read and write what this means to them & how they can apply this quote to their lives. Also, consider learning and practicing breathing meditation as a way to help relax and reflect on the message.

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So did you find this post helpful, what do you think? 

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