If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.

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Hello everyone! If you are looking at the author of this post, you will notice that it says, “Many Wise People.” The website that I found it on said the author was anonymous, but I found that so many people said this quote, such as Albert Einstein, and Henry Ford. Anyways, let’s get to talking!

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.

Many Wise People

So today we are going to learn that you have to take risks not only to add a little fun to your “time,” but to also get variety in your skills and options. I am going to give you an example that may seem a little silly, but it is a cool example that is different than your average answer.

If you have a teenage child that is into video games, they probably have heard of the game “Valorant.” It is my favorite PC and my example is going to be of something from it. In this game, you have to plant a spike without letting the other team defuse it. You also get creds, money, which you use to buy weapons to defend yourself in game. Alongside that, each person has to a character. All of the different characters have different abilities that have to be learned to fight with. Let’s say i have a character that i have always used, and I am super with it.

It is important to still maintain my skills with that character, but i should also branch out to learn the skills of other characters. What if one someone else picks the character i am with? I wont be able to play the game well and it will not be fun. I should also learn other characters so that i am exposed to different skillsets.

This goes for any example you think with for real life as well. The only thing that i wnat you to do is to takes a little and try new things sometimes, food, sports, etc. It could be your new favorite!

Daily positive quote do what always did
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