Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Dalai Lama

There has been some day in your life where you have felt sad or discouraged, right?

On a daily basis someone we interact with people who may be having a bad day and they may not be nice to us. No matter the situation and even if someone gets angry at us and how badly we want to say something equally bad, let’s try not to.

Let’s take a pause, make sure that we think about what we are saying. People being angry usually has a reason, and we should try not to make the situation worse.

Always show kindness, and if someone says something rude to you, “Kill ’em with kindness!”

Let’s say someone’s dog just died and they are sad and having a bad day. Imagine, If we were going through that situation, I’m sure we wouldn’t want others to make our day worse than it already is, right?

Even if we don’t know that something is wrong in someone life, we should think about what we are about to say and think about the possible consequences of our words and actions.

If someone is taking their anger out on you and getting into a verbal argument, be positive and without accepting their negativity try to say something positive. They may not understand what is going on but that kindness will help them.

We all want to be kind and positive people, right?

No matter what rules or teachings we follow and try to be kind, this one is very vital. When people get into arguments, they want to win. And that is normal! We have to fight the urge to respond and be the more positive person. We have to be kind.

@jazzpsingh perspective “This reminds of a story from Buddha that my grandfather about How not to accept others anger.

Once Buddha was passing through a village and during his stay there he was giving a talk to the locals. During this talk, a local ascetic got very upset. He was upset as people had started listening to and following Buddha instead of him.

He got so angry that one day he came and spit on buddha’s face and started shouting. At this Buddha simply smiled. Buddha’s followers and local leaders were upset and wanted to take revenge. But Buddha stopped them saying that it was between him and the ascetic, they didnt need to do anything, and calmed them to wait.

The ascetic went home but could not sleep. Next day he came back and bowed to Buddha’s feet and said, who are you ? what have you done to me ? At this Buddha replied, I havent done anything, All I did was to not accept your negative energy when you were angry. By not accepting it, the negative energy stayed with you.

Grandfather used to end it with analogy,  If I have 10 dollars and I offer them to you, but you say No thanks! then who has the 10 dollars? I do. But if you accept the 10 dollars add to it and give them back to me then the cycle continues…

Similarly, Anger is a like a coal, a burning coal. First it burns the person who has it, then they throw it others. If the other person accepts it, it burns them. They take it add fire to it, and then throw it back …. and cycle continues.”

Try a practice like Zen meditation, that help us to build patience and give us the ability to pause. This pause allows us to respond with kindness and stop or catch ourselves from falling in auto pilot reaction.

People will start realizing your positive vibes and will want to be around you much more!

So be kind, Its always possible!

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My name is Gurbani Singh. Since I am a teenager, I often find myself searching for positive quotes for girls. After reading these I have made it a goal to post Positive and Inspiring quotes daily. I hope that these are as encouraging to you as they are for me to learn from and apply to our daily lives. 

If you are a parent, I hope you find my posts inspirational and motivating. 

Encourage your kids to read and write what this means to them & how they can apply this quote to their lives. Also, consider learning and practicing breathing meditation as a way to help relax and reflect on the message.

You can read all of my encouraging quotes for teens

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