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Struggling in life?

Go from surviving to thriving! With guidance and accountability put your aspirations into action with a Wellbeing plan that you live each day. It starts with PURPOSE : Knowing clearly who you are!

“Knowing your life Purpose is the first step toward living a truly conscious life.

A life purpose provides us with a clear goal, a set finish line that you truly want to reach”
–Simon Foster

Learn, practice wisdom techniques backed by science to have balance in your lives. With living your purpose and fulfillment – you can bring your best self to every day. 

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Jas Fugan Singh

Certified Wellbeing Coach


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“Before I met Jas I was feeling lost and confused with what my main purpose was and how to live a more fulfilled life. Coaching on Purpose helped me uncover my aspirations and empowered me with the steps of connecting back to my inner, true self…”


Wellbeing Coaching

One of my biggest challenges is making stillness a habit. In my first session with Jas, I revealed that I lived with stress and high anxiety. Without hesitation he guided me through a very simple breathing technique called Pranayama that I found to be very effective. Jas has the ability to instantly put a person at ease with his calm demeanor and gentle voice. It lends perfectly to a guided meditation…

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Jas helped me develop a purpose statement and suggested basic strategies to keep that mission in focus. In order to create this manifesto, I was required to answer questions that forced me to deeply consider who and what I am in addition to how I want to be in this world. As well as providing tools via his website that includes guided meditations, J

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work to clarify your purpose with soul questions: “Who am I? What is my purpose?”

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work to set intention with questions“What do I want? What am I grateful for?”

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work to clarify your purpose with questions: “How are my beliefs limiting my potential?” 

What’s one thing you can do today?

Wellness & Well-being

Whats one thing you can do today for your Wellness & Well-being?
It is Spend time in Nature

Why? Practicing Mindfulness has many benefits:

  • a way to keep our brains healthy
  • to support self-regulation and
  • effective decision-making capabilities,
  • protect ourselves from toxic stress


We have never been in this moment before. If we can just be present, we can appreciate wonders that are happening around us all the time. A breeze flowing, a gaze, meeting someone, a hug, looking or perhaps stopping and smelling a flower.  Listen to our Podcast & Guided Meditation: There are Seven attitudinal foundations of MINDFULNESS described by
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If you are feeling overwhelmed, this quote will help you. Take a slow deep breath and Relax. What ever seems like a challenge or causing you anxiety, can be done in small steps.  "Nothing is particularly hard if you break it down into small jobs" Henry Ford   Hello, readers! Today's quote is by Henry Ford. Ford's quote explained that
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Are you feeling run down and out of energy? Are you struggling to keep up with your work and personal obligations? Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that has been around for centuries. One of the key principles of ayurveda is that of balance – or finding equilibrium within the body and mind. “Let food be
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Happy Baisakhi “Happy Vaisakhi”  Vaisakhi also pronounced as Baisakhi started as a harvest festival in the Punjabi region of northern India.  It also celebrates the creation of the Khalsa order. It promotes justice and equality and the creation of a more equal and just society.   Vaisakhi the harvest festival Vaisakhi / Baisakhi  celebrations are filled with colors and vibrancy in the villages of Punjab and
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What do you know about chakras and balancing with colors?If you're like most people, the answer is probably not much. But that's okay - we're here to change that.In one of our last post on Chakras, we had outlined everything you need to know about chakras, from what they are to how they can benefit
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THE CASE The Sixth Ancestor was pursued by Ming the head monk as far as Ta-yü Peak. The teacher, seeing Ming coming, laid the robe and bowl on a rock and said, “This robe represents the Dharma. There should be no fighting over it. You may take it back with you.” Ming tried to lift it up,
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